Meet our Founder | Eric Goodwin

Eric has been an outdoor recreation professional for 18 years. He’s guided over 4,000 people on interpretive multi-day canoe trips, mountain and desert hiking trips, and down class 5 white water rivers in Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia.

The idea for South Shore Outdoors was born on the trails of Marshfield, where he and his 2 yo daughter spend much of their time together. Their family moved to North Marshfield after many years in the Rexhame, trading the beach for the woods and river. Eric has coached many seasons of youth sports, sat on the Daniel Webster Elementary School Council, and volunteers stewarding trails for the Town of Marshfield. 

Eric’s love for the outdoors began as a child in Maine, spending much of his time playing in the wilderness around his home and at his family's lake camp. Later he gained his Maine Recreation Guide license, along with his Level 2 White Water Guide license, and his desire to have a positive impact in people’s lives found a place in professional outdoor recreation.  

Guiding has offered opportunity after opportunity to witness and support people as they've had their own significant moments in nature - confidences strengthened, fears faced, parent/child bonds deepened. In these moments Eric found motivation. With the hope of encouraging many more significant moments in nature, and with the support of his wife and children, they turned this motivation into South Shore Outdoors.

A natural extension of his outdoor recreation work has been emergency medical response. As a ski patroller and guide Eric’s been primary care giver to 100+ patients, ranging from lost persons and tweaked knees to psychological shock and traumatic death. As a 911 EMT in Quincy, Ma Eric was primary care giver to 750+ patients, handling diverse emergencies including adolescent mental illness & family crisis, PTSD, infant loss of consciousness, multi-system trauma, and multiple forms of loss of life. As part of emergency response teams Eric performed CPR on 3 people that regained life after having no pulses for several minutes. He is currently certified in Outdoor Emergency Care and Care Giver CPR – the common certifications for ski patrollers and outdoor recreation emergency responders. 

In addition he's been part of high-angle rescue and long-distance wilderness extrication teams, worked with a team of digital humanitarians to remotely map natural disaster areas in support of effective on-the-ground response, and through charitable work he removed 15 tons of garbage from lakes and rivers in the states he's guided in. 

Before starting South Shore Outdoors he was a stay-at-home dad, a night shift 911 EMT (so he could care for his new child during the day), and previously he worked at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative as the Research Coordinator for Human Trafficking where he worked in Boston, Nepal, and Thailand.