Excursions Overview

Full-day nature excursions - where nature, history, culture & comfort come together
 Full-day guided nature-based excursions crafted for you by locals to highlight the special spots in each region of Massachusetts.
Westport/Dartmouth: Jul 22 & 30, Aug 5 & 19, Sep 16 & 19, Oct 14 & 29
Ipswich:  Jul 23, Aug 6 & 20, Sep 3 & 17 & 26, Oct 2, 8, 17, 22, 30
Wellfleet/Eastham:  Aug 27, Sep 9, 18 & 24, Oct 9, 23, & 28
Rockport/Gloucester: Stay Tuned!
Central Mass: Stay Tuned!

Excursions leave from Boston, the South Shore, or your location* and head to Westport/Dartmouth, Wellfleet/Eastham, Rockport/Gloucester, Ipswich, and Central Mass. Book a private trip for 8+ and we'll pick you up and drop you back off at your preferred location, just email or call. See parking & directions for more information.

9-12 hrs each, we'll start by exploring the diverse natural landscapes of each region with 2-4 nature walks on properties stewarded by the National Park Service, Trustees of Reservations, National Audubon Society, The Essex Heritage, and many more. Walks on each excursion total 3-7 miles with most having flexible options for guests who might prefer less on any given property.

We'll make sure to take in the history of each property we visit, as well as other prominent points of history in each region, both natural and of the birth of America. 

We'll take photos in nature, along the way, and at points of interest and prominent vistas in each region.

Lastly, with our proud muscles, we'll shop and we'll eat. We've taken the time to find the best spots to picnic, local restaurants that please, and shops curated with passion and skill. Each excursion has its own personality.

We'll walk, eat & shop. We'll slow down, take photos & learn. We'll relax & laugh. Come join us!

Some of our excursions include a trail lunch. Curated to enhance your excursion experience, our buffet style trail lunches have a selection of sandwich options with a variety of tidbits to round out the meal. Our trail lunches change with the season, and sometimes the location, depending on ingredient availability. We don’t include nuts in any of our meals, but can’t guarantee a completely nut-free meal. If you have dietary restrictions please call or email and we’ll be sure the lunch is enjoyable.

    Regularly scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays, with group bookings of 8 -13 available for your preferred date Mon-Fri, with custom options. Email or call to book a private trip. Regularly scheduled trips require a minimum of 4 guests.