Excursion Parking & Directions

There are 3 different scenarios for parking for Excursions depending on how you book your trip. From there the van will meet you and we'll head out for our Excursion.

  1. All regularly scheduled trips will leave from and return to the same street parking location just off exit 12 on Rt. 3 located at 137-151 Old Church St. in Pembroke. After you take exit 12, head West on Rt. 139 and in a very short distance this location is on the right side just behind Panera Bread & Friendly’s. 
  1. Groups of 4 or more on regularly scheduled trips have the option of being picked up at a more convenient location between Pembroke and the Excursion destination, as long as that location is between Pembroke & the Excursion destination, and it’s near the planned Excursion route of travel. Please send an email to info@SouthShoreOutdoors.com or call the office at 781.206.4750 to coordinate once you’ve booked. An example is, say your group of 5 is going on our Wellfleet/Eastham Excursion and you live in Plymouth. Instead of driving to Pembroke, just drive to a location near a Rt. 3 exit in Plymouth, and we’ll pick you up and drop you back there.
  1. Groups of 8 or more who also book a private trip can be picked up at your preferred location anywhere East of Worcester. Private trips are available Mon-Fri until snow flies, and on the weekends before May 15 and after Sept 15.