About Us

 South Shore Outdoors is an outdoor recreation and enjoyment services company that focuses on breaking down barriers between people and the outdoors. 


We Know 

  • Outdoor recreation & enjoyment improves health and supports child development
  • Barriers between people and nature are diverse - almost all can be overcome
  • Outdoor recreation strengthens local economies and has positive ripple effects for communities
  • There are moments that strengthen relationships, that build confidence, that shift focus from inside to out. These moments offer perspective, and come easier in nature.

We Believe

  • That public natural resources are more important than words or numbers can express and that experiencing them makes us happier and our future more bright
  • That increased pressure on families and individuals, with the added layer of consumer technological advances, is overtaking our view of the world and our health is suffering. Now is the time to get outdoors.
  • Conservation is changing and new paradigms of stewardship are needed. Making outdoor recreation more accessible is a path to effective stewardship.
  • Our work starts and ends with people, our guides - our guests - our partners, and if we serve them we’ll do well enough to keep serving them for a long time.